.Computer Based Training (CBT)

Software testing is a critical element in the software development life cycle and has the potential to save time and money by identifying problems early and to improve customer satisfaction by delivering a more defect-free product. Moreover the business needs stable and reliable software.

Unanswered Questions

How WE add Value?

Does the software or product work as expected?

Our structured process, techniques and measurements prove that we have answers for these questions.

Save time and money by identifying defects early

Reduce development downtime

Building a better application

Satisfy the business requirements?
Compatible with other systems?
Perform Well?
Ready for Release?
Are our resources having business or testing knowledge


  1. Test Strategy, Planning, Analysis of Risk, and GAP.
  2. Functional, Integration, Regression, User Acceptance, Conversion and Migration

Testing Expertise & Resources

Our testing professionals are having good experience in Application Domains, and Testing. With a matured and cost effective approach to testing, we are well balanced to handle any kind of Software Testing (Functional) Assignments.

To carry out the testing activities efficiently and to the utmost satisfaction of our clients, we have fully equipped ourselves with the efficient resources.

E-learning comprises all forms of electronically supported learning and teaching. The term will still most likely be utilized to reference out-of-classroom and in-classroom educational experiences via technology, even as advances continue in regard to devices and curriculum.
Providing computer based training is not always easy. Some material is simple and sometimes boring to teach, but the material must be covered.

Training Model

  1. Develop a model of action before starting a computer training class.
  2. Training model
    1. will give structure to the class and help move along the class.
    2. will involve steps that you need to take, including reviewing the material, developing lesson plans and understanding the material yourself.
    3. will involve presenting the lessons to your students.
  3. Determine how much of your class will be lecture, how much will be discussion, and how much will be hands-on practice.


CBT has many positive features and effects, many of which are particularly important to small and mid-sized institutes/companies.

  1. Cost effective
  2. Works with an adult population
  3. Self-paced, flexible, and individualized
  4. Tireless
  5. Trainers increased control over training activities
  6. Reduce resource requirements
  7. Improve job performance
  8. Change agent

What we offer
Oyyar Consulting Services provides the necessary training, tips, tools, and support in design, develop the model thoroughly and successfully. We transfer ALL the required technical knowledge to the stakeholders.