• Polished Diamond and People have real market value. "


The students are academically strong but don’t have exposure/awareness to put into practice. Our aim is to bridge the gap and provide a valuable service (Real and Genuine) to the aspiring students.

Till recently software testing was an unpopular career and the existing test resource base is poor. To take the software testing industry towards the newer horizon the IT industry needs skilled manpower to build a solid team. To build a solid skilled manpower, the resources need to be trained (effectively and efficiently) with the industry oriented curriculum.

Our objective is to create a skilled and talented software testing resources; to allow the companies concentrate more on their core business and development activities.

2 or 3 days workshop covers the following: 

  • W3H of testing (What, Why, Who and How)
  •  Testing Methodology & Techniques
  •  Types of Testing
  •  Test and Defects Management


Tailor made workshops can also be organised for Microsoft Products and Web Technologies.

Duration:  2 – 5 days
Based on the requirements.
Method Completely interactive and practical.