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          1. A Brief Introduction to Company

                    Hebei Yisheng Environment Protection Technique Company Ltd, jointly established by Hebei Yikang Cotton Textile Company Ltd., Hebei Institute of Agricultural Machanisation, and Environment Protection Equipment Technique Development Department, Environemtal Engineering Institute, Chinese Academy of Geological Sciences, was founded in August, 2004. It has 36 registered staff members with the registration fund of 4.98 million RMB yuan. The Company mainly deals with the self-developed sewage reuse equipment for the hotels and resident community and with the production of wig-shaped textile fillings and 揃eehive?mineral fillings for water treatment. There are a water treatment technique designing center and a water treatment equipment development center set up in the Company, the former of which offers the service in the aspect of sewage or waste water treatment project for designing, consultation, construction, installation and testing, while the latter of which is mainly engaged in the study, development and experiment of water treatment equipment and fillings. The Company processes the first-class designing and development professionals and employs 5 senior specialists, 9 senior technicians and 14 engineers, 96% of who have received the university education.
                     The 揓ishiyu?household sewage reuse equipment developed and manufactured by the Company has got the appraisal organized by the Hebei Science and Technology Bureau and has been attested by the State Environment Protection Product Quality Supervision and Testing Centre. In 2005, the said product got the 揷ertificate for spreading?of State key product. Since the product was put into the market in 2004, many sets were sold out and it was well received by the clients. The wig-shaped fillings and 揃eehive?mineral fillings for water treatment successively got the state torch project certificate and certificate of state key environment protection practical techniques, and were awarded the first prize of Hebei Top-quality New Product and the gold prize of China Patent Technique Fair. The products got two invention patents as well. The above fillings are more and more welcomed and received in the field of environment protection for its excellent performance. The products are used in most parts of the nation and are appraised by the clients.
                     Although the Company has been founded not very long, yet it has obtained outstanding achievements in the field of designing, consultation, construction of water treatment projects and installation and testing of the relevant equipment through providing the powerful technical support and satisfied service. The company skillfully masters the sewage treatment techniques such as BIOLAK, SBR and biological contact oxidation. The work fulfilled has been highly evaluated by the environment protection agency and clients for its advanced technique, reliable operation and low cost.
                     The Company has also make considerable progress in the development, import and utilization of new products and new techniques. The 揓ishiyu?household sewage reuse equipment, wig-shaped textile fillings and 揃eehive?mineral fillings for water treatment are still being improved and perfected. At moment, the Company is developing the reuse equipment of car washing water, which is in the middle stage of testing, and the equipment for disposal and utilization of restaurants' waste. The Company is also is in co-operation with the other agencies concerned at home and abroad to import and utilize the advanced techniques and equipment. The Company is also consulting with other enterprises for the import of technique for waste gas desulphidation, techniques and equipment for the urban sewage treatment, and physical-chemical water treatment equipment. No doubt, some results will be got.
                     The objectives of the Company are to offer the top-quality products, to provide the timely service and to try to make up the first-class professionals. We are fully convinced that through our unremitting efforts, we certainly can reach our goal, get the clients' trust and make greater contributions to the environment protection.

            Intent of Co-operation

            1. Investment for the construction of sewage treatment plant and obtaining special permit for running the domestic sewage treatment plant;
            2. Disposal and utilization of restaurants' wastes;
            3. Development of equipment and technique for the reuse of household sewage;
            4. Soil reclamation and groundwater protection, soil regeneration technique.

            Hebei Yisheng Environment Protection Technique Company Ltd.
            Address: Room 0101, Building 2, Area B, Wanxing City Gardon,
            Shijiazhuang City, Hebei Province, 050061,
            P. R. China
            Fax: +86-311-87789909